GTA 5 Lite Apk v 5.0.21 Download For Android

GTA 5 lite apk is the lite version of GTA games. Playing GTA 5 on a PC or laptop requires a system with high-end specifications, including a powerful processor, sufficient RAM, and a dedicated GPU. However, many people are unaware that this popular game can also be played on Android devices. Despite being a heavy game, with the right setup and specifications, GTA 5 can be enjoyed on a mobile device running the Android operating system. This game GTA 5 lite apk is presented by Rockstar Games. This lite version of the game can be played on your mobile phone and even has low Ram on your device.

About GTA 5 lite apk

The GTA 5 Lite APK is an offline version of the game, compressed to only 100MB, and does not require an internet connection to play. Despite its smaller size, this version offers a vast and impressive world where players can drive various cars and modern vehicles in unique and stunning forms, including both classic and modern options. The GTA 5 lite apk offers millions of activities beyond driving cars, providing players with endless entertainment.

Despite being the Lite version of the game, the graphics are incredibly impressive, with high accuracy and smooth controls that are easy to use. You can easily adjust the game’s settings to suit your preferences by accessing the game’s settings menu. Overall, this version of GTA 5 lite apk offers an excellent gaming experience without any performance issues.

Download GTA 5 on Mobile Phone at 100 MB

The GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb is a small version of the game 100mb that saves storage space on your device and prevents it from slowing down or hanging, thanks to its smooth and efficient performance. This version is also compatible with all Android versions, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the game.

Further, the GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb is regularly updated to the latest version, ensuring that all the latest characters and vehicles are available for players to enjoy. With this version of the game, you can experience all the exciting new features that have been added, without worrying about the game’s performance or compatibility issues. Overall, the GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb provides a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy the game on your Android device.

Features of GTA 5 lite apk


GTA 5 lite apk, even with the low size of the game, the engineer of this game has made shocking illustrations. When you introduce this game you will feel all characters like this present reality. Much design quality is worked on in this form when contrasted with the past rendition.


The map of GTA 5 lite apk has been redesigned and the engineer has added a few new things like structure, vehicles, streets, and so on. A guide assumes a significant part in any game. The guide of this game is extremely precise. It gives you the right objective and will assist you with figuring out your objective without any problem.

Missions and Levels

When you download and introduce a game you can play various missions in it. Whenever you are exhausted with one mission you can attempt the other one. In our mod rendition, each mission is completely opened.

More Features of GTA 5 lite apk

  • The Android version of GTA 5 is a compact version of the game but features identical gameplay as its PC, PlayStation, and Xbox counterparts.
  • The game boasts high-definition and realistic graphics, despite its small size.
  • GTA 5 for Android can be easily downloaded from Mediafire in APK + OBB format with simple steps.
  • The game controls are easy and fast to navigate using the smartphone screen.
  • Players can engage in the main storyline or undertake various missions throughout the city.
  • The game features an extensive range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, planes, ships, and other massive vehicles.
  • Players can choose to play as any of the three main characters in the game.
  • There are numerous advanced equipment and weapons available for players to use.
  • The game runs smoothly, even on weak devices, and features superfast gameplay without any interruptions.

How to Download and install GTA 5 Lite Apk?

  • First, download Zarchiver App on your Android device or use any other app to extract the game files.
  • Next, download the game file from the provided link.
  • Click on the GTA V OBB Lite RAR file and extract it to your Device Memory.
  • Extract the Game file at Android > OBB.
  • Install the APK file.
  • Finally, run the game and start playing.

By following these simple steps, you can easily download and install GTA V Lite on your Android device and enjoy the game.


GTA game enthusiasts who lack a PC capable of running and installing the game due to its size need not worry anymore. With the latest version, players can now enjoy the game on their Android devices without requiring any special specifications. The game is easy to install and can be played on any device, allowing everyone to enjoy the game’s exciting features, regardless of the device they use. With this latest version, GTA fans can play the game on the go, wherever they are, without needing a PC.

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