Pinterest Mod Apk Latest Version 2023 (Premium, Ads Free)

Pinterest mod APK is a social media platform in which users can upload images and get new information from this platform. It is very interesting that we can get information from the Internet, we can also get information from this platform. It is the same as Instagram, in which you only see images and videos. But in this, you can share your ideas and get creative ones from them.

If you’re looking for beautiful images, Pinterest, much like Instagram, is the perfect platform for discovering amazing visual content. With the app, Android users can easily access creative ideas for the home like design, exciting travel plans, the latest fashion trends, and interesting cooking recipes.

You can also find some material and creative ideas from other platforms but you can’t compare it with Pinterest. In it, material and creative model ideas are in a well-organized manner users can get easily and pic ideas according to their needs from it. As a result, Pinterest is also a popular platform for creators to showcase their work and connect with their audience.

Additional Information About Pinterest Mod Apk

App Name Pinterest Mod Apk
Size 118 MB
Version 11.12.0
Developer Pinterest
Android 5.0 and up
Genre Tool
Mod Features Free (Premium&Ads free)

Overview of Pinterest Mod Apk

Pinterest is a social media platform that mainly focuses on visual content. Users can create boards and save images, videos, and other visual media to their collections. Pinterest is often used for inspiration and research on topics such as fashion, food, travel, and home decor. It is also popular among businesses and creators to promote their products or showcase their work. The platform’s well-organized and easily accessible categories make it a preferred destination for those looking for new experiences and endless possibilities for improvement. It also offers endless possibilities for improvements and new experiences in life.

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Pinterest Mod Apk Latest Version Android Download Free

Pinterest Mod Apk is the pro and modified version of the app. If you want to download the mod apk version of it you can download it from our site’s latest version. In the modified version, you get unlimited all and all premium features and ads free content in it. But in the normal version, you can’t get these all and you have to pay for all these premium features. But in this pro and modified version, all features are free. You can download it free for Android devices.

Features of Pinterest Mod Apk

Features of the app are as follows:

Simple Visual Content

Pinterest is a social media platform that is primarily focused on visual content, making it an excellent tool for discovering and sharing creative ideas, inspirations, and interests through images, videos, and graphics. With its emphasis on visually engaging content, Pinterest provides an intuitive and immersive experience for users seeking inspiration, whether it be for home decor, fashion, food, travel, or any other topic of interest.

Create a Collection of Boards

One of the key features of Pinterest is the ability for users to create digital collections of images called “boards.” These boards act as visual bookmarks where users can save images, videos, and graphics to based on their interests or themes. Users can create as many boards as they like and organize them in any way they see fit. For example, a user interested in home decor may create a board dedicated to bedroom design, while another user interested in cooking may create a board focused on healthy recipes.

Different Categories

Pinterest offers a diverse range of categories that users can browse and explore based on their interests. These categories cover a wide range of topics, from home decor and fashion to food, travel, and more. This makes Pinterest a valuable platform for users seeking inspiration and ideas in a variety of areas. Users can easily find and trace as categories help us a lot.

Promotion of Pins

Businesses can take advantage of Pinterest’s vast user base and visual platform to promote their products or services through the use of “promoted pins.” These pins are sponsored posts that businesses can create and pay to have displayed in users’ feeds and search results. Promoted pins are designed to blend seamlessly with organic content, making them a non-intrusive and effective way for businesses to reach potential customers.

Use Analytics Tool

Pinterest provides a range of analytics tools that allow businesses and creators to gain valuable insights into their performance on the platform. These analytics tools allow users to track their reach and engagement, measure the performance of their content, and optimize their content strategy for maximum impact.

Collaboration With Each Other

One of the unique features of Pinterest is the ability for users to collaborate with others by inviting them to contribute to a board. This makes it an ideal tool for teamwork, group projects, or collaborative ventures.

Premium Features Free

In this modified version of the app, you get all the premium features for which normal you have to pay. But in this modified version all premium features are free of cost. You don’t pay any cost for these features.

Ads- Free

In the pro version of the app offers ads free content free of cost. By downloading it you can get these all.

How to Download and Install Pinterest Mod Apk?

These are the steps to download and install the app.

  1. Tap on the “Download” button to initiate the download process.
  2. After the download is complete, go to your device’s Settings and click on “Security”.
  3. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option to allow the installation of apps from third-party sources.
  4. Open the downloaded file from your device’s Downloads folder.
  5. Tap on “Install” to begin the installation process.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete.
  7. Once the installation is complete, launch the app and enjoy it.

After completing all processes the app is ready and starts using it.


Pinterest is a versatile platform that offers users a wide range of features and benefits. It allows users to discover, save, and share visual content on a variety of topics, from home decor and fashion to food and travel. Businesses and creators can use Pinterest to promote their products or services and track their performance using advanced analytics tools.


What is a mod apk for Pinterest?

A mod apk is a modified version of the Pinterest app that has been altered to include additional features or remove restrictions that are present in the original app.

Is it safe to download a mod apk for Pinterest?

Yes, by downloading the modified and pro version of the app from the link below on our site. It is safe and not causing any issues.

What features does a mod apk for a Pinterest offer?

The app can offer a variety of features, such as ad-free experiences, unlocked premium features, and unlimited access to content.

Can I use a mod apk for Pinterest on iOS devices?

Yes, you can use the app on ios devices by downloading it from the link below.

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